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5.12.2021 - Brochures to download - Ascona / Locarno

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If you want to experience the wonders of our region in advance you can download some brochures, by OTR.
Browse the various and attractive possibilities of accommodation and leisure that are offered here!  

17.9.2021 - Opening of the official online hotel booking office

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- Postal code error fixed
Organised by
"Organizzazione turistica Lago Maggiore e Valli"

30.8.2021 - pdf - Time table UNICA2022 - Version 1.4

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 1.9.2021 - Website live 

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Released in english, germain, french and italian

27.7.2021 - Venue PalaCinema Locarno

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The City of Locarno allows the use of the Palacinema during five days, from 21 to 25 August 2022

2.7.2021 - UNICA 2022 assigned to Switzerland

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The Committee of the UNICA - Union Internationale du Cinéma has assigned UNICA 2022 to Switzerland

28.6.2021 - Association Cinemakers Ticino

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The committee of "Cinemakers Ticino" has decided to organise a UNICA in Ticino

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The artistic director of the Locarno Film Festival, Giona A. Nazzaro, meets the directors Kim and Florine Nüesch as part of the cultural project 

"Come together"

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