The 82nd Nations Film Competition

and Congress

- Nations Film Contest

- Filmmakers Contest
- Filmschoolmakers Contest
- Jury in Public
- One Minute Movie Cup

- General Assembly

- Special Events
- Excursions
- Cultivating friendship

film programme

UNICA rules

National trailer optional, maximum 4 films and 40 min per each nation, 2 minutes break between each film
Free entrance 

Wednesday afternoon


Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

Nations film program

Sunday - Saturday


Free entrance 

Jury live

Free entrance 

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
- discussion of the three jurors, 10 min per nation;
   if feasible, live broadcast on the internet for authors at home
- voting of the three jurors for diploma of honour & bronze medals 

- voting of the three jurors for silver & gold medals,
followed by award ceremony


After the two film blocks in the morning and afternoon there will be a 30 minutes break, coffee and beverages at the Movie restaurant ground floor and in the neighbourhood


Lunch and dinner breaks of 90 minutes are scheduled, there are many restaurants within 5 minutes walking distance

World Minute 
Movie Cup

UNICA rules 

All film are shown, the best of 16 with cup system
The audience is the jury -  FREE ENTRANCE 

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