The purpose of the association 

Cinemakers Ticino 

is to bring together non-commercial and independent film and video makers from all over the world, protecting their interests and promoting high quality non-commercial films and videos
The "Cinemakers Ticino" pursues its objectives primarily through the organization and implementation of film and audiovisual events, including convivial events

The committee consists of
President: Rolf Leuenberger
Vice-President: Nikita Merlini
Treasurer: Thomas Kräuchi
Member: Sara Petrachi
Member: Agnese Làposi

Gion Casutt
Franco Cappelletti
Marialuisa Merlini
Daniel Oesch
Lorenzo Zanon

and our friends
Sydney Allanson
Fabio Balassi
Roberto Barra
Riccardo Bernasconi
Fabio Bonetti
Elisabetta Brigato 
Elisa Cappelletti
David Cinelli
Massimo Galli
Javier Garcia
Anouk Hagemann
Stefan Jäger
Elisabeth Knuchel
Laura Lardi
Daniel Oesch
Roberto Pomari
Flavio Sala
Michel Passos Zylberberg
and many others

The registered office and place of jurisdiction of
"Cinemakers Ticino" is located in Sessa, Ticino, Switzerland


Città di Locarno

Union du Cinéma Internationale


Organizzazione turistica
Lago Maggiore e Valli


Ticino Film Commission

Ticino offers a large number of evocative and very diverse settings where films of all kinds can be staged


International Academy of Audiovisual Sciences, based in Locarno and  founded by Pio Bordoni in 1992

Swing the World

Elisa Cappelletti & Fabio Balassi - The Swing the World project aims to entertain people in a creative way outdoors


Nikita Merlini
(École Cantonale d'Art de Lausanne ECAL)

Alma nel branco

Agnese Làposi 

(École Cantonale d'Art de Lausanne ECAL) 

Cine Museo 65

The exhibition introduces you to the history of do-it-yourself filmmaking from 1922 to 1987 - Collection Rolf Leuenberger



The Associazione Bellinzonese Cinevideo Dilettanti is an association founded in Bellinzona on March 1952


CiAC-Cine Amatori Ceresio Lugano is an association of video authors founded in February 1984 


VAL - Video Autori Lamone Cadempino is a young, dynamic and enterprising club of video authors founded in Dicember 2013


The association was founded in 1983 under the name of "Video Amatori Mendrisiotto" in Rancate

Founded in 1935 as BSFA, is the umbrella organisation for Swiss video authors who produce non-commercial films

The fascination for moving images animates us to film extraordinary stories with smartphones or camcorders 

Cinemakers Ticino 

thanks all the authors and owners

of the preceding video clips for their kind support of UNICA 2022 in Locarno Switzerland


Bellinzonese e Alto Ticino Aurismo
Citta di Lugano
Film Festival Locarno
Lugano Region
Milano Airport 
OTLMV - Lake Maggiore and Valleys
Tourism Organisation

Swing the World 
Switzerland Tourism
Ticino Ticket 
Zürich Flughafen

Fabio Balassi
Dennis Callan
Elisa Cappelletti
Anton Galitch
Jeka Kiriloff

Swissdrone Joy & Ramon

and others 

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